• Templat HTML kargo logistik syarikat kurier

    Excelsure is an HTML template for express companies and logistics freight services. The template is specifically for express and logistics company websites. Pixel-perfect design and lightweight, easy to move. This is a clean, modern and simple template. Main Features Modern Design & Clean 3 Homepage Built on Bootstrap4 Pixel Perfect Design Easy to Customize Design Cross-browser Compatible Formatting and Commenting Code LineAwesome & Flaticon Icon Font jQuery Effect and Script

  • Templat laman web perusahaan kejuruteraan perniagaan pembinaan

    Promina is a professional and flexible Html5 template for construction business. The template is equipped with the most advanced and latest network technology, a good user experience and the most beautiful design trends. You can find the official websites of engineering and construction companies. Main features 3 The homepage layout is established based on Bootstrapv4.x's unique functions and functions. Smooth transition effects. Main browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) and optimization of annotation codes and organization of parallax effects. Unlimited layout carousel elements can be Customized header layoutMultiple header optionsMultiple footer options

  • Templat web bahagian depan untuk laman web tempahan sewa limosin

    Moveo is a limousine rental website HTML template, rich feature templates, unlimited colors, booking forms, etc. There are various versions of headers and footers designed with different colors, and the templates are suitable for display on mobile devices. Main features 3 homepage styles Revolution carousel slider 11 sets of preset colors Fully responsive layout using Bootstrap4 framework

  • Beberapa kaktus dicat oleh css tulen

    Several cacti painted by pure css

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  • Templat bahagian depan laman web tempahan kereta sewa kereta

    Rumble is an HTML template for car rental booking, a good front-end template for car rental websites. This template is based on the bootstrap framework and is suitable for car rental booking HTML templates provided by companies and institutions. It is easy to customize and complete annotated code. Main features Fully responsive layout based on Bootstrap4 framework Clean and unique design is very easy to customize online booking form

  • Kerangka perkhidmatan kereta mudah alih templat aplikasi mudah alih sewa kereta

    Plesir is the HTML for the mobile terminal of the car rental business, and the mobile App car service template is built on the Bootstrap4 framework. You can use this template to create a mobile website or mobile App application. The template has a clean and modern design. Main features: Standard HTML5 and CSS3 Fashion and clean design Based on the latest Boostrap4 framework App is ready and easy to customize FontAwesome icons

  • papan kekunci H5 mudah alih jQuery

    The mobile-keyboard.js plug-in is a web keyboard plug-in for the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal H5 keyboard effect code implemented by jQuery.

  • plugin tarikh masa bootstrap tahun suku bulan

    Bootstrap time and date plug-in year, quarter, month, various styles of jQuery time plug-in effects.

  • Templat HTML5 perkhidmatan rumah dan keselamatan yang pintar

    Teknik web design is suitable for smart home or security service business. This HTML template comes with completely layered and well-organized code. The template is easy to edit using the bootstrap framework. Main features Bootstrap4 grid system perfect homepage design is easy to customize responsive layout HTML5 and CSS3

  • Pembelian perabot pakaian templat HTML5 e-dagang pelbagai guna

    Glee is a clean, lightweight e-commerce HTML5 template, a multi-purpose (clothing, fruits, vegetables, furniture, cosmetics, etc.) online shopping website template. This set of e-commerce front-end templates is beautifully designed and in line with the latest design trends. The template uses the Bootstrap framework, which is highly customizable and looks great on tablets and mobile devices. Main features are based on Bootstrap4. x100% responsive beautiful and clean design clean and comment code 15 + all pages 4 + home page 3 + blog page shopping cart options payment options sticky menu image background easy to customize flexible and multi-purpose standard HTML5 and CSS3

  • Butang hapus svg kreatif dengan kesan animasi

    Creative svg delete button with animation effect

  • js drag gambar kesan bit berlapis

    js character head picture drag to bit effect code download

  • svg + gsap domba kecil menjalankan kod kesan khas animasi

    svg+gsap little sheep running animation special effect code

  • Contoh pemalam butang lc_switch.js

    lc_switch.js switch button plug-in example, toggle effect selection button.

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  • css3 kad susun menukar kesan animasi

    css3 card cascading switching animation special effects, similar to the effect introduced by Taobao VIP Center.

  • Templat HTML untuk pelbagai acara, persidangan dan perjumpaan

    Aconte is a clean and powerful HTML template dedicated to all kinds of events, meetings and gatherings. It offers many different possibilities and will help you easily create a and unique website. The template uses the bootstrap framework core, and the high-quality code is easy to customize. Main featuresUnique and clean design Bootstrap4 basic CSS is fully responsive. Huge layout options. Multiple widgets. Simple multiple galleries. FontAwesome icons. Ipad and Iphone. Friendly coding and SEO. HTML5 and CSS3 validation.

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  • kesan khas carta wap dinamik d3.js

    d3.js dynamic steam chart, sound wave chart special effects

  • MJ Walk on the Moon 404 Halaman

    MJ walks on the moon 404 page, creative 404 page animation special effects.

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  • panduan langkah seterusnya jQuery digital

    jQuery digital step next step guide, multi-step separate operation effect.

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  • pemalam carta karusel sederhana swiper

    swiper is a simple carousel plug-in that can customize parameters such as the width and height of the carousel and switching speed.